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1 Feb 26, 2007 06:50    

I've changed the encoding to UTF-8 so I can post in hebrew however there are still english stuff inside my blog such as "recently" (for recent posts), "search" and many many more, where can I change them?

2 Feb 26, 2007 15:41

A link would help a lot. How come no one just guesses at that and shows us the problem page? It's amazing how much we can figure out by looking at your blog for 15 seconds, but ... alas ... :'(

Okay check it out. b2evolution translates stuff from English to whatever locale you've selected for your installation or your blog or your post. Therefore if you're posting in Hebrew you're probably selecting a Hebrew localization, so it should translate the stock phrases for you. It gets complex, and being someone who uses the American version of English it's not something I've learned in great detail, but here's part of what I know: look at your skins/yourskin/_main.php file and see if you can find something like this:


then change it to something like this:

<h3><?php echo T_('Archives') ?></h3>

b2evolution's ability to translate that word depends on you having a language file in your locales folder for Hebrew, and for that file to have the proper translation for that phrase. I guess you could also translate directly in the file, but I honestly don't know if that'll work for Hebrew because it doesn't use the latin character set.

Check out because that's where all the smart stuff about translations is at.

Hope it helps!

3 Feb 26, 2007 20:28

No matter, I've solved the problem by taking a german translation and simply saving it in UTF-8 encoding.. i'm translating it to hebrew right now... just one last question, it has been said here in this forum that you can add dir=rtl in order to get the page to move to right to left, where do i write this command? on which page?

4 Feb 26, 2007 21:21

You have to add


to the HTML element in your skin's _main.php file, e.g.

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="<?php locale_lang() ?>" lang="<?php locale_lang() ?>" dir="rtl">

This will get supported through a locale-property maybe in 2.0.

You can add the "dir" attrib to most elements, e.g. paragraphs ("p"). You could e.g. use dir="ltr" when having english parts.

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