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Started by on Mar 05, 2007 – Contents updated: Mar 05, 2007

1 Mar 05, 2007 21:14    

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Hi -

Many of the people that have my blog marked in their blogrolls have blogs hosted on and as of a little while ago, anytime anyone comes to my blog through a blog's blogroll, they get the infamous 403 forbidden page.

Is there something that can be done about this? Is it local - that is, dependent upon my blacklist? If so, I can't see how - the only blogspot blogs in the blacklist are legitimately spammer sites.

Help? This is REALLY aggravating, but I'm not about to untick the referrer spamkill radio button.

Todd Pedlar

2 Mar 06, 2007 00:01

Search the [url=]Central Antispam Blacklist Support[/url] forum, please.

blogspot is, was, and probably ever shall be the single biggest source of spam reported to the database. At one point we had over 100 published keywords that were blogs on blogspot, and over 1000 more reports that weren't published.

You can remove from your local antispam list if you want, then locally ban each individual spammer from that source.


Moving this topic.

3 Dec 18, 2007 18:41

Blogspot is used by scrapers and made for adsense blackhatters mainly

4 Jun 14, 2008 00:01

Please pardon my 'non techie' skills (or lack of them), but I think this is related to the question I want to ask.

My signature link in a forum of which I'm a member refers folks to a 403 page saying they have been referred by a 'known spammer'. How can I be a spammer for referring folks to my own site?

Is this related to my blog and I need to contact my hosting provider? Or is it related to the forum which is hosting my signature. It doesn't appear to happen to any of my other links.


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