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1 Mar 02, 2007 15:59    

I get a lot of spam where the address it comes from or is registered as

I clicked on the ban icon and when it brought up the report and ban locally and report to the blacklist I unclicked both, obviously I don't want visits banned.

I just wanted the posts deleted, unfortunately it removed all my hits from which is my main site for getting hits from, this has made all my stats pointless because it shows my other hits from different places and not my main place, is there a way I can clear the entire hits log.

Also is there any other consequences for the actions I just took or is it OK because I unclicked ban anywhere.



2 Mar 02, 2007 17:19

No worries. As you noticed, all you did was clear hits from one source.

To get rid of the entire log you can use the summary tab with 'none' as the blog (which really means all) and delete a days' worth at a time. Else you could go in using phpmyadmin and empty the entire table if you're up for that.

3 Mar 02, 2007 18:01

Thanks EdB

I started to clear 1 page at a time then I had a thought, I remember seeing an autoprune function somewhere, it took me a while but I found it I set it to 1 day and woot all stats gone except for 2 days which I deleted.

Its a shame to lose the stats because I add content to my blog from the search keywords but at least it will be more accurate now.

Thanks again.

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