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1 Mar 08, 2007 15:30    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Hy there,

I don't know if I am a bug attractor or if this is a case of "IBM" (idiot behind micro)... Anyway...

Version: 1.92
Plugins: Autoblog with apache mod_rewrite (fancy url)

Objective: To erase a user and respective blog from the database (man, why when you delete the user the system don't erase all correspondent data? that would make EVERYTHING easier... Presently you have to erase it by yourself, isn't it?)


a) As I can't get rid of the user and blog directly, I go to the "Posts" and then I erase each one (a checkbox would come handy here...), one by one...

b) After some delete - reload, I get to a page that gives me the option to erase the whole blog (the address is

c) BUT, if I try to erase the blog, clicking the "X", I get the following message: "Hey your tunna head, get out of here!" (Just kidding!, The real message is:

"Requested Item from T_posts without ID!"

What can I do, besides crying?

Is there another and simpler way to erase a user and all his blog/data?


2 Mar 08, 2007 15:42

Looks like you just found a bug ;)
inc/view/collections/_bloglist.php ( approx line 125 )

Add the bits in red and it should work :-

<a href="<?php echo regenerate_url( array('action','ctrl'), 'ctrl=collections&amp;action=delete&amp;blog='.$curr_blog_ID ) ?>" style="color:red;font-weight:bold;" onclick="return confirm('<?php printf( TS_('Are you sure you want to delete blog #%d ?\\n\\nWARNING: This will delete ALL POST, COMMENTS,\\nCATEGORIES and other data related to that Blog!\\n\\nThis CANNOT be undone!'), $curr_blog_ID) ?>')"><?php echo get_icon( 'delete' ) ?></a>


3 Mar 08, 2007 16:39

Solved again!

I wish I had all your knowledge, I wouldn't be here taking your time... :)

Thx a lot friend,


4 Mar 08, 2007 17:25

but then I'd be out of a job ;)


5 Mar 08, 2007 18:23

¥åßßå, can you commit this fix to CVS into v-1-9, v-1-10 and HEAD, please?

6 Mar 08, 2007 23:55

One problem, every time I commit summat François worries in case I've bust his core, imagine how he'll feel when I do it to all three at once :roll:

I'll make the changes in the morning whilst he's asleep ;)


7 Mar 09, 2007 00:09

He plans to release 1.9.3 in the next hours/days.
IMHO this fix should make it into there (at least it prevents you from deleting blogs AFAICS), and it's the same issue in v-1-10 probably - but HEAD is likely to work fine.

It seems to only happen if you're coming from a post-delete though, is it so? Because creating a blog and deleting it straight afterwards does work.

8 Mar 09, 2007 00:21

It's because the form "expects" to be on the blogs tab so it doesn't set the "ctrl" parameter (explicitly). So far I've not found any repercussions, but I've not really tested much.

I'll upload the change in the morning once I find all three branches ;)


*edit* it also happens after making a new post ( admin > write > save > bloglist below all ping notifications, delete urls read<blog id>&ctrl=editactions&action=delete&blog=2 ), it's the same cure though

*edit 2*
Wierd, I just checked and the url really does have "blog=##" in it twice (once at start and once at end)

*edit 3 .... damn, I'm on a roll :|*
it looks like this :-

<a href="<?php echo regenerate_url( 'action', 'action=delete&amp;blog='.$curr_blog_ID ) ?>

Needs to be :-

<a href="<?php echo regenerate_url( array('action','ctrl', 'blog'), 'ctrl=collections&amp;action=delete&amp;blog='.$curr_blog_ID ) ?>

I really haven't checked that one though

9 Mar 09, 2007 11:01

I've updated 1.9.3 & 1.10. The same problem doesn't appear to occur in 2.0


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