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1 May 02, 2004 01:43    


I live in Valencia (Spain). Here we talk a language called Valencian or Catalan. In fact, the scientifical name for it is Catalan, and Valencian stands for the "dialect" of Catalan spoken in Valencia, and also it's the official name for our langauage in Valencia (nowadays, there is a proposal for changing the name of the whole language from Catalan to Catalan-Valencian, or something like that).

In fact, for some people Catalan stands only for Catalan spoken in Catalonia. (It's the same as if Spanish spoken in Spain was called "Spanish", but Spanish spoken in Mexico was called "Mexican").

Valencian and Catalan (Catalan spoken in Catalonia, I mean) are quite similar, of course, but they have differences that make sometimes convenient and necessary to do an specific translation (as Disney or Microsoft do with Spanish, for exemple).

So, my question is this:

I'm goig to do the Valencian version of the site, not the Catalonia Catalan version.

So, if Valencian would be a country, I could name the locale as "ca_VA", in order to make it different from Catalonia Catalan.

But, as Valencian is spoken in Spain, I must put "ca_ES". So, how can we distinguish if it's the Valencian Catalan version or the Catalonia Catalan version?

Do yo know what I mean?

Is there any solution for that?

2 May 03, 2004 00:22

The manual on localization links to lists of ISO codes for languages and countries. You must pick the ISO code pair that is closest to your real situation.

Then, if there is no exact code pair for Valencian just add '-valencian' after the locale name. This won't work with current releases of b2evo but it's already supported by the latest CVS version.

Maybe the locale name will be 'ca-ES-valencian' but please check the ISO codes! (also note that _ have been replaced with -)

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