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1 May 08, 2004 15:57    

Dear fellow translators..

I'm proud to announce the new localization system for static files we have for b2evo.

We use this to generate translated static files out of *.src.html source-files (this is index.html in the root and all .html in /doc) to provide a multilingual application right from the start.

The static msgids won't change much for the 0.9 release (which will be a great step btw B) ), so you're all invited to translate it into your language now.

The .PO-template (.POT) is at /gettext/langfiles (new directory) in CVS and you should also add your xx-XX.static.po (where xx-XX is your locale code) there when translated.

For the dynamic l10n there are also a lot of new strings, but Francois said they are heavily about to change before release so you would probably want to wait for his call of translation.

If you don't have CVS access through a client you can [url=]get the static.POT file here[/url] and send the finished .po files to Francois.

btw: don't forget to adjust the Charset for your .po file (if poedit or whatever you use does not do it anyway).

(the script that builds the translated files is in /gettext on CVS - but you won't need it, because we will generate the static files for the release. However, if you like to test it you're welcome to try).

Happy translating! :D

2 Oct 18, 2007 16:26

Thanks for the tips ..
Fame is the thirst of youth. - Lord Byron

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3 Sep 06, 2011 13:11

I agree. The tips are very useful and valuable for me. I appreciate it a lot.

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