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1 Mar 22, 2007 20:17    

I wonder if anyone knows a good (free) FTP program that doesn't look like an FTP client. In other words, I want to let people who are not technically inclined to upload very large files. Like 200megs or so. php.ini typically limits uploads to 8megs, and I have a ticket in with support for that domain to increase it, but FTP is much better suited to big files than php is.

The problem is FTP clients always look like FTP clients :(

In a perfect world I would have something that lets me check a user against a phpbb2 installation and verify they are a member of a specific group, give them a browse button to find their big fat file, then - without making them do anything else - magically upload via FTP instead of through the browser. The "check credentials" part is easy and done. The browsing thing isn't hard at all, and is also done. Sneakily turning into an FTP utility is the part that I've no clue about.

2 Mar 22, 2007 23:51

I do FTP with Total Commander. It takes a first time install (password and url for host etc) but every next time it´s just one click on a button. It has nice old style two panels, so it´s very intuitive.

3 Mar 23, 2007 00:53

Thanks, but that's not what I'm after. I want people to upload huge files without having to download an FTP program. The host for this particular domain told me they won't increase post_max_size beyond 10megs, so I started searching for something to do FTP via HTTP and have found a pair of programs that might work on sourceforge. I wish I kept the links, but if one of them works out I'll find them again and share it here.

5 Mar 29, 2007 16:37

I found a pair of items on sourceforge that looked promising, but both were thwarted by the post_max_size limitation. One of them looked like it took advantage of php's various ftp_ thingies, but it too failed to work on anything greater than 8megs.

Oh well. I gave up. I set up an FTP account and told the club members how to use FTP via IE and Firefox. Problem with that approach is that it failed - the method that worked for me at home didn't work for someone else, and didn't work for me at work.

So now my approach is "Here's the FTP stuff you need to upload files - good luck".

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