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1 Mar 30, 2007 16:37    

The ALL BLOG concept is great, but it would be cool if 2.0 included a smarter aggregator blog feature.

What I would love is a smart aggregator blog (SAB) that functions similarly to the ALL BLOG.

However, admins could create more than one the SAB. They would also have flexibility to be able to add or remove blogs from each SAB's set.

A simple example: I run a blog site which has several user blogs, in addition to a link blog, and an infrequently updated blog set up as a repository for static articles (about us, contact us, etc).

I want the ALL BLOG to display articles from the user blogs, but not the link blog and static blog. I can exclude linkblog and static blog from the public blog list, but when something is posted to them those posts end up in the all blog flow.

The only way I've found to filter them out is to add a bit of code in the _main skin to skip posts from those blogs. Of course, that messes up the article counts that control the paging links.

So, perhaps SAB would be an interesting new feature.

2 Mar 30, 2007 16:51

I think, and understand that I'm not on the dev team (though I am somthing of a 'player' with them), that in this case it's safe to say "trust the future". I've no idea when 2.0 comes out, but from what I understand your desires are already part of the expectable future.

NO PROMISES! I'm just a guy who happens to play in the forums a lot. Based on info I have access to, I can't tell you for sure when and what, but it certainly seems to be the way 2.0 will visit the world.

BTW I'm on the other end of the spectrum. I like and take advantage of the fact that blog #1 aggregates all posts across all blogs. I even post stuff in blog #1 knowing that stuff in my linkblog (as well as all other blogs) will show up in my primary blog.

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