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1 Apr 13, 2007 03:57    

Hello, everyone!

I have a problem and i need a help very much!
First of all, i'm new to PHP, and i don't have any skills in programming.
I run the site in CMS Joomla and i need an integration of my users(new and existing) to the b2evolution, so they don't have to login every time they enter the blog from my site.
I've searched your forum hard, and i see that there's away to do this by creating a plugin which uses LoginAttempt hook like LDAP plugin does.
But HOW?
Blueyed, the developer, said once:

Hook the LoginAttempt ( event (as the LDAP plugin does) and use the $DB global (see to see if the user exists in the SMF database. If he/she does (and the password matches), create it in b2evo. That's how the LDAP plugin does it.

I see, it could be quite easy for programmers, or just for those who knows PHP good enough, but i just don't know how to realize this code.
And it seems that b2evolution uses its own functions and methods...

So, I ask for your support! Please, help me.
If some of you knows how to do it, please let me know.
Big thanks in advance!


2 Dec 09, 2008 19:09

I may have to setup the user integration as well, but, were you able to integrate b2e into joomla or is it running on same webserver in different folder,

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