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1 Apr 13, 2007 13:30    

Hello everybody,

I've a problem concering the structur of a category link in the blog all view.

The all blog have the shortname 'all'.

A listed blog with the shortname 'puh' have the category 30 and contains the following link. ''.

The problem is, that the user is now on the right category, but not in the right blog(parent obj to the category).

is it possible to make the category link unique to every blog like?



using: version 1.8.1

2 Apr 17, 2007 21:41

Can we see a link where this happens? I'm guessing when I say that you are seeing that link when looking at the "all" blog, which is probably blog #1. Blog #1 is unique in that all posts from all blogs will show up in blog #1, but visiting any specific post will take you to the post in the proper blog.

Anyway that's just a long way of saying I don't know how to create blog-specific links on blog #1, but functionally the visitor will go to the right place anyway.

3 Apr 18, 2007 10:15

Good morning,

thanks for the response!

The Blog:

See the BLOGS section in the sidebar... all category links(get vars) are going out off the all blog. I want to specifiy every cat for the blog they are declared for.


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