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1 Apr 21, 2007 15:16    

I've copied this post from an existing one in the b2evolution support forum.

The reason is that now the Calendar is a plugin it probably would be more at home here, but there was an existing thread in the support forum.

The background is that I was getting HTTP 403 (Forbidden) errors when clicking on archive links in the calendar. I'm not sure why, but this only happened when they had a traling slash, eg.

Remove the trailing slash and everything seems fine.

It seems like for some reason I'm the only one having this problem, but just in case it's happening to anyone else is suffering from it too, I've patched my install of 1.9.3.

Since the calendar is now a plugin rather than function, the code you need to edit has moved but it's the same principle.

I replaced one line (I think it was 770) in /plugins/_calendar.plugin.php from something like:

echo '<a href="'.$this->archive_link( $this->year, $this->month, date('d',$i), '' )'"';


$link = $this->archive_link( $this->year, $this->month, date('d',$i), '' );
echo '<a href="'.substr($link,0,strlen($link)-1).'"';

2 May 01, 2007 23:59

I am not sure whether this is a plugin specific topic. If the missing trailing slash does not resolve to the correct url or vice versa, this is an Apache specific problem. Check for example You might want to change the Apache settings or the .htaccess.

But you might also change the plugin.

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