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1 Apr 25, 2007 23:37    

I have the star rating plugin installed with version 1.9.3 at

I have placed the code for the top 5 popular stories in the sidebar.

While the stories listed there all have five stars with 1 vote, another story with five stars from 3 votes is not listed.

How are the top stories determined by this plugin?

It would seem that a 5 star story with 3 votes should be ranked higher than a 5 star story with only 1 vote.

2 Apr 26, 2007 17:26

If two stories have the same rating, it doesn't rate the one with more votes higher. That's a good idea, though. What you can do right now is set the limit param so that until a story has x number of votes, it won't show up in the list at all. I usually set it at 5 or ten.

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