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1 Apr 24, 2007 17:16    

First of all, I want to thank all the hard work the developers put into this cool blogging software!

I mainly just want to share my "hacks" to show you what can be done with the template system.

The first thing I did, was I ... reverse-engineered the database so I can use my SMF member table to automatically add new bloggers to the system. I have a check box on my member's profile page that when activated, their member ID and member name (as well as other various things like ICQ, MSN...) are inserted into the b2 table structure. After that, I automatically create a blog with their name and a default category so they can begin blogging immediately.

([url=]Main Blog Page[/url])

The next thing I did, was I created a "list mode" that displays each blog title along with a few key pieces of data.

([url=]My Personal Blog[/url])

Finally, I wanted to allow all the members access to my Fan Fiction blog, where they can add to the community repository of fan fictions (both of their own creation, and fan fictions that they have enjoyed and want to share)

([url=]Fan Fiction Listing[/url])

All in all, I really enjoy the flexibility of this software, and I look forward to seeing updates!

2 May 04, 2007 09:49

Wow. That's a heck of a lot of modding. You should, or at least I think you should, document how you did them and post the details in the plugins and hacks forum. Probably other people will benefit from what you've learned and done is the thing.


3 May 04, 2007 10:27

It's like a hybrid blog/forum
Great job

4 May 04, 2007 18:07

I'm interested in knowing about combining b2e+SMF ;)

And I like the way you did it.. shows the power of b2e (and blog as 'CMS'), avoiding installing another software like eFiction (not that its not good, but having few different software is better ^^ ).

Hope you can share it :D

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