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1 May 08, 2007 02:00    

Hi All, I have been using b2evolution for some few months and have established 3 blogs:
* [url=]Wobbly Universe[/url] about cycles in everything
* [url=]Just Thinking[/url] thoughts on political, social and economic matters
* [url=]Shot Alive[/url] photography, art, humour

BTW, a couple of my pages in these blogs have proved very popular of late, with thousands of hits in a day or two:-
* [url=]Flying Spaghetti Monster[/url]
* [url=]Fibonacci Spirals[/url]

2 May 08, 2007 04:24

so, then, I can add fibonacci spirals to my list of things that help me believe there is a god. That list previously only had fractals in nature in it. well, and I spose math of just about any type (even though I detest it)....


4 May 08, 2007 05:31

hmm.. Interesting. I'm too tired to comment, and besides I dont want to argue intelligent design.. way too deep for me these days. Thanks though, good reading :)

5 May 13, 2007 13:04

posted comments on your blog :p

fibonacci... rocks... FSM (worship the spaghetti!!)

oh man.. the days when FSM was still new, I started a small fun-cult following of FSM locally here in the Philippines, from our neighborhood to my colleagues. It died down apparently... but it was really fun, people can't help but laugh and join us. Talk about flyers and explaining FSM instead of sharing the Gospel (being a 'Christian' country :p)

6 May 13, 2007 13:21

Hi Laibcoms, thanks for you great comments in my blogs. FSM is definitely a joke, but part of the joke is to make Intelligent Design people think that they are serious! Then they can argue for equal time. ;-)

7 May 13, 2007 14:23

Haha, lol, so the intention was to be a joke against ID believers?

I thought it was to the schools and universities debating or already strictly teaching only the "theory of evolution", hehe... I guess I misunderstood it.

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