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1 May 11, 2004 14:06    


I was wondering, what tools do you recommend for charset conversation from from windows-1257 (cp1257) to utf-8? I did this using psPad text editor, but not sure is it correct.
Any recommendations on how to accomplish this task correctly from start to the end.


2 May 12, 2004 02:07

I **think** notepad can do it...

3 May 12, 2004 07:39

:lol: You're kidding me, are you?
Ok. never mind. I shouldn't ask stupid questions... ;)

4 May 12, 2004 21:11

I'm dead serious actually!

Open a file in notepad and then try a "save as". There's a listbox down there allowing you to choose an encoding, including unicode and UTF-8 !

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