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1 May 04, 2007 21:00    

"Code Hightlight" is the "AM Code" right?

What's the difference, or how what video sites does "Video Plug" supports vs the "YouTube" plugin?


2 May 05, 2007 10:20

The code highlighter is what would have been version 2 of our code plugin, unfortunately due to a moment of blondness on my part it won't have converted your old amcode posts to the new methods. I'll be rectifying this in cvs and will have an upgrader ready in the next few days.

The video plugin is a simplified version of the youTube plugin and isn't related to it in any way. You can find out what sites it handles from the buttons on it's toolbar.


3 May 05, 2007 10:54

Ahh cool. Np on the AM Code conversion to Code Highlight, I only have one code posted on my blog anyway (for now), so I just edited that part.

And glad the font isn't hard-coded anymore ^_^ coz I use this font-family:

code {
	font-family: Consolas, "Courier New", Courier, "Andale Mono", monospace;

(for some reason, some browsers reads only the embedded font: monospace from the AM Code version)

The video plugin, hmm.. as much as I want to use packaged plugins, it lists only youtube and dailymotion atm.. If ever there'll be added videos, prolly there should be a conversion as well? Dunno, hehe ^^

Thanks agian.

4 May 05, 2007 14:27

My standard install Video plugin has YouTube, Google, DailyMotion, LiveVideo and iFilm!!

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