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Started by on May 06, 2007 – Contents updated: May 06, 2007

May 06, 2007 16:00    

Hi all. I've done a plugin to lastFM, and I'm sharing it now :)

You can download it on:

To configure, just inform in the administration yout lastFM user and the number of tracks to display (for 1 to 10).

In yout skin, just put:

<? $Plugins->call_by_code('b2evo_lastfm',array());?>

As i like caches, I have put a option to use a cache :)

You can setup a wget (or a python script, or a php script) on crontab e make the download of the xml periodically.

A sample python script to do that (just replace my user with yours)

import urllib
import os.path

page = urllib.urlopen('
fonte =
f = open(os.path.expanduser("~/xml/lastfm.xml"),'w')

This will save a file called lastfm.xml in a folder xml in your home folder. So, you can put it on the settings of the plugin and the plugin will use the cache!

- Walter

May 06, 2007 17:54

Hah great!!

on a related note... I can't help but request, can you make a plugin for "iLike" as well? hehe :p and iLike becomes very useful together (via iTunes that is).

Will try out the plugin asap :D

May 07, 2007 18:59

Could you give a more detailed explanation of what your plugin actually does and show a demo :)

Also a long time ago, I made my own plugin,

Maybe a merge could be made? I would like to see a feature added that adds a chart image of the user's choice into the skin or post.

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