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Plugins, custom setting type

Started by on May 20, 2007 – Contents updated: May 20, 2007

May 20, 2007 21:38    

So plugins can have a setting but specify the html code for the input area, so they can have a custom inputs for settings, and then just have a event called 'SetCustomSettingsValues' which is fired when the user presses save settings on the form, and thats where the plugin saves the value of the custom setting...

Possible? Ideas?

Jun 08, 2007 05:48

On what occassion would that be used, Ajax validation?

Jun 08, 2007 07:40

So say two dropdown boxes, two input fields, any custom field. I would be using it for eg, the following:

Enable this plugin for the following blogs:
Blogs [ textbox ] to [ textbox ] [ inclusive or exclusive ] [ include or exclude ] [ add another group ]

And then I would save the variable as a exported array generated from the values of those fields. So $Settings->set('blogs', serialize($array));

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