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Started by on May 24, 2007 – Contents updated: May 24, 2007

1 May 24, 2007 19:26    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Title says it all; I'd like to be notified by e-mail when someone comments on my blogs. Can anybody create such a plug-in?

2 May 25, 2007 16:39

That is allready normal behaviour..

In your profile, you can tick the message

Notifications: Check this to receive a notification whenever one of your posts receives comments, trackbacks, etc.

3 May 26, 2007 23:58

Yeah, I tried that already but it doesn't seem to work. Does it maybe not work with hotmail addresses?

4 May 27, 2007 03:18

it (b2evolution)doesn't care what the e-mail address is. Your host might, but that's an entirely other subject.

The better question is whether or not hotmail is accepting the e-mail.

Use another e-mail address, and see if you receive them there, and be sure to check your spam folder on hotmail also.

5 May 27, 2007 05:22

Nothing in the junk folder. I'll try another address.

6 May 27, 2007 20:44

Still doesn't work :P

7 Jun 17, 2007 11:10

Then your server probably is not configured to sent mail properly...

8 May 12, 2008 17:43

and if I wouldlike to receive an e.mail for any OTHER posts receive a comment?
Or if I would like that administrators receive an e.mail address ay time somebody adds a post?

9 May 12, 2008 17:51

Why not subscribe to your feeds for posts and comments?

10 May 12, 2008 17:55

do you mean this:
go in "Subscriptions" and click the Blog subscriptions.

If any user will do so, he will automatically receive a mail?

11 May 13, 2008 17:10

I guess that might work, but what I meant was what I said: subscribe to the FEEDS from the blog(s) you want to know about. Like, whatever you use as an aggregator, just add your own blog to it.

For example I use Sage in Firefox as my aggregator. Since I have a couple of installations with multiple authors posting I subscribe to the aggregator blog feed. Now when I tell Sage to update the feeds I read it will tell me when someone posts in a blog installation that I happen to also be user ID #1 in.

It is not an email method, but really why get email when you don't have to?

12 May 13, 2008 17:23

Thnk you for your tip, but not all our members use feeds or other smart tools.

So my problem is to set some internal rule in blog for automatic information on new blog or comment.

13 May 13, 2008 17:33

Google "bot-a-blog". It is a service that will read feeds and send emails to those who want them. As the blog owner you have to do nothing other than tell people "go give them your email address and tell them you want to know when this blog updates". I am pretty sure that as a blog owner you can set up an account so that people can click a link and - after giving it an email address - get the notification without actually knowing what a feed is.

I've never used it so I don't really know for sure how it works. It was in a really old skin is how I know about it, and so far everyone who's ever asked for email notification has not reported back any success or failure with using bot-a-blog so I know nothing more than "it exists and might be what you want".

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