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1 Jun 10, 2007 22:34    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Hi. I want to know how can I make pages like in wordpress, not posts with a category or archive, only pages like "about", "members". These pages will be showed in every pages of the template.


2 Jun 10, 2007 23:05 is my way of adding pages that aren't posts. I am currently building a blog with only one post: everything else is a disp= page. It's not the most user-friendly hack ever made, but it beats WP senseless. Why? Because WP is a uni-blogger uni-blog app (though they do have a rather advanced hack known as MU).

How you display the links is up to you.

Oh and that hack worked in the 1.9.* generation. I use it on 1.9.3 and am currently migrating it to 1.10.2 but can't swear that it works as described in the latest and greatest. Plus by the by there is another easier way to get this done. You give up page-specific title tags and gain not having to hack core files. Sorry, but I don't have a link to the other method handy.

3 Jun 11, 2007 00:18

Thanks, i will try it.

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