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1 Jun 12, 2007 17:17    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.1

Question, not sure if this is related to b2e at all, but what could cause a cookie corruption?

I mean by that is, just awhile ago, I can't login to my b2e. I ended up clearing all my cookies, deleting just my cookie doesn't work either, just to restore my access.

I'm not sure if this is b2e related, but first time I experienced this was after upgrading to b2e 1.10.0. Then tonight, a few weeks after upgrading to 1.10.1. Just weird it started happening with the 1.10.x, when I haven't changed any of my settings prior to 1.10.x.

Could this be b2e related? If not, what are the possible causes that will corrupt a cookie? And why just my b2e cookie?

Hope someone can shed a light on this.. if it's happening to me, then it is possible it is happening to the other users on our blog.

Thanks a lot!!

2 Aug 07, 2007 18:14

what browser are you using?

i have had this happen out of nowhere in IE, even though things still work fine with other browsers.

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