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1 Jun 14, 2007 13:19    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x

great blog this B2evolution; I just installed 1.9.3 the other day on a site I look after for some friends, and have the crystal_glass skin set as default.

problem I'm having is I don't want the posts appearing in the sidebar as well as main window, but can't find anyway to change the setting.

To blend in with site as much as possible, I have it installed through an I frame here at

Don't know how to script PHP, but with clear instuctions can cut 'n' paste necessary script.

2 Jun 14, 2007 14:16

What's happening is that the blog you're posting stuff in is also listed as that blog's linkblog. Visit your Blog Settings tab, select one of your blogs, then hit the Display subtab. Find the dropdown box for "default linkblog" and pick the blog you want to use as a linkblog.

Now only stuff you post in your linkblog will show up in the sidebar.

3 Jun 14, 2007 14:40

Thanks EdB, that sorted it.

got a few websites to look after with assortment of SMF, PHPList & Joomla installed (and now B2evolution) - all gets a bit confusing at times, hope to make sense of it all one day :)

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