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1 Jun 14, 2007 14:02    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I am ending up with large blank spaces in my posts. Once I post a new post the old post compresses to the size it should be, but there is obviously a way to correct this.


2 Jun 14, 2007 14:28


.bSmallPrint  { clear:both; }

and get rid of it. It looks like it is coming from a digg plugin because css editor in firefox tells me that line is in "style.css" but I do not see where your blog is picking up that style sheet from. Everything else in this "style.css" thing is all about digg stuff. For example

.digg_button {

Anyway find it and get rid of it and your gap will go away.

3 Jun 14, 2007 15:32

Worked! I might learn something after all.

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