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1 Jul 04, 2007 09:48    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.2


so the forum was down a couple of days and my heavy discussed and not yet solved posting is gone... >:-<

Sadly I can´t remember eyerything I´ve written last time... but what it makes worse, the helpful answers are gone as well... f**k!

balupton, can you help me out again?

I wanted to have one of my blogs with a hide/expand javascript function, what is working thanks to you... but I wanted the first posting visible whereas all others are hidden... I know, you´ve integrated and tested it on your own page, could you please re-post the solution... and if possible with a small instruction, where I have to integrate the if-loop where your code asks if its the first posting and as well as the other two parts of code? I only remember that there were three parts of code in your last posting regarding this subject... and I didn´t copied it locally because I had still some open questions...

Thaks again..

2 Jul 04, 2007 14:11

Replied to your email, what a fucking bitch the forums going down is... Lost like 100 posts in that duration!

3 Jul 04, 2007 18:16

It´s working now perfectly well... I only had to remove the

style="float: left;"

in your line beginning with

<div class="bSmallPrint bSmallPrint_links

because of compatibility problems with the IE6 (the float right permalink in the same line is otherwise somewhere hidden...

Nevertheless... problem solved!

Thank you very much for solving my request for me...

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