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1 Jul 06, 2007 03:09    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x


Just saw this today... there seems to be a problem when viewing the Admin CP under Safari 3 and Firefox 3 which are reportedly interpreting 'more' accurately CSS 2.1 and some new CSS 3 stuff.

This is how it looks like:

Left side is Safari 3;
Right side is Firefox 3


Using dual-monitor, so my screenshot is like that.

Safari 3:
The text body and everthing in that group is not wrapping or line-breaking.

Firefox 3:
All link-images have borders.
Categories styling is not working.

I haven't tested under Opera 9.5, which is also reported to be more accurately rendering W3C's CSS 2.1 and more CSS 3.0 stuff.

Opera 9.21 works fine however.

2 Jul 10, 2007 22:31

For the firefox link problem, do you have $use_strict = true in /conf/_formatting.php ? I'm only on lowly 2.summat and I don't see the same problem


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