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1 Jul 08, 2007 01:42    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I am trying to build a site for my girlfriend who died last month. I was changing the css on my custom skin and the calendar and "who's online" got messed up and disabled. What can you do now? I am new to this software.

can anyone please help me?


2 Jul 08, 2007 01:48

You can go back to your original installation files, and extract an untouched copy of the css file, then compare the original against your edited copy, or just start over from the original by replacing the one you edited with the original copy.

Or you can use some kind of DIFF program (if you're on a PC, try 'examDIFF Pro') and have it show you the differences between the original and your edited copy. It will do it a lot faster than you would be able to, going manually line by line.

And from now on, before each major change you make, make a backup copy of the last good version of your file.

Also, if you're using Firefox as your web browser (which you should be because Internet Explorer sucks) you can download the "Web Developer" plugin, which has a built-in CSS editor that allows you to make changes to a page's CSS to see what the page will look like, without committing those changes to your actual files unless you want to.


3 Jul 08, 2007 02:44

Thank you so much! I am a bit confused with this. I am on a mac and I use Firefox. I've been going over this comparing files and no joy finding the mistake. I customized a lot of things and I am at loss now. Do you know anyone who can fix it for a fee? I am happy to pay for help.

P.S. it's:

P.S. Where did you get this beautiful picture image?

4 Jul 08, 2007 03:16

At the very top of your custom.css, there is a reference for the BODY style... it currently reads:

color: #fff;

change that to

color: #000;

and then reload the blog... You had set the main color to fff (white), so unless it was specifically overridden elsewhere, text color became white on the whole page. Changing it to 000 (black) will bring the Calendar back. You can, of course, make it whatever color you want, not just black, but right now it's white and the page background is white, so, even though it's there, you can't see it.

The header images on my site came from a series of stock photo discs I use for client projects and design projects.


5 Jul 08, 2007 04:02



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