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1 Jul 08, 2007 08:14    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x

Is it possible to put adsense on blogs? If yes, pls tell me how. I want to put after the headed and on the sidebars. Pls tell me which file shoud be edited to insert the adsense codes.

2 Jul 08, 2007 08:21

You'll need to edit the _main.php file for the skin you want to include them in.


3 Jul 08, 2007 08:31

Thanks for your reply. I have a lot of questions coz aside from being new with b2e, there are lots of things I cannot understand LOL! But I would post each and every question as a new topic so some other readers would easily find answers to the same questions I would be asking.

Again, thank you.

4 Jul 08, 2007 08:44

hi again.

I've tried it but it wont work.

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