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1 Jul 10, 2007 08:23    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x

I want to make my page multiblogs but I cant seem to find the template multiblogs.php to edit. Does this mean that I cant have multiblogs? Or I should change my skin coz it doesnt support multiblogging? I've read the manual but I only find something about how to specify which blogs should be added.
Pls help.

2 Jul 10, 2007 10:04

multiblogs.php does not exist in any skin - it is in the root level of your installation, meaning if you happened to install b2evolution in a folder called blogs. I'm pretty sure what you can do is rename that file to index.php so that the typical default will show use that file. Anyway it's in the root and not in a skin is why you can't find it in a skin.

3 Jul 10, 2007 11:52

I am not sure if I have the guts to do this but I will. My website (using b2e - blogging) is almost done and I am so scared of touching anything that might mess it up. Pls tell me which should I touch and which should I save first before touching anything.

4 Jul 10, 2007 16:05

Well just go to yourdomain/yourpath/multiblogs.php and you'll see if that's what you want. Assuming it works for you then take index.php (in the installation root) and rename it index_original.php then rename multiblogs.php as index.php. The only drawback is it will also depend on what you set your default blog up as.

Anyway renaming the original index.php means you'll always be able to go back to it if need be. You could also open multiblogs.php in an editor and "save as" index.php so that you still have multiblogs intact - in addition to the shiny new index.php file.

Got a link to your blog? It's a lot easier to get stuff working for people when we see the problem instead of just hear about it ya know?

5 Jul 11, 2007 02:41

Thanks EdB! I have tried doing it but the problem is when I use multiblogs, then I wont have the skin that I want and I dont know how to create skin for multiblogs yet. So I put it back and right now I am using city_in_evo skin which I prefer. Pls tell me if its possible to use the same skin with multiblogs and how.


but pls bare with me coz it doesnt have contents yet coz im still working on the looks first. LOL!


6 Jul 17, 2007 08:20

Is there anybody who knows if its possible to use skins like city_in_evo with multiblogs?

7 Jul 17, 2007 16:06

multiblogs and summary are very unique files. Those two files can be made to look like anything you want, but not by calling a skin. Instead you have to look for this line:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="rsc/css/fp02.css" type="text/css" />

then change that to call, for example "mycustom.css". Next you would have to copy fp02.css as mycustom.css and edit the new file to make it be what you want. You will probably have to edit the file itself in many ways to make it have the proper structure to be like city_in_evo, but it can be done.

I wish multiblogs and summary were cool enough to be a skin feature, but - alas - that isn't the way the world we live in is.[/code]

8 Jul 18, 2007 02:05

Hi EdB!

Im not sure I understand it. Which file should I edit? Pls make it simple and bare with me as I am very new with all these.


9 Jul 18, 2007 16:26

You would have to edit the "multiblogs.php" file, and it will NOT be an easy thing to get done. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. So here's a few simple steps to get you down the path, with the idea being if you get started it might be easier than you imagine to do this kind of thing.

First though let's dig on some basic stuff. When you edit a file the first thing you do is save a copy of the original so that just in case you can go back to it. So like open multiblogs.php in an editor and tell it "save as" multiblogs_ORIGINAL.php on your computer. You then edit multiblogs.php and upload it, but always have the original handy. Just in case.

Okay save a copy of multiblogs.php then edit that file and change the bit that says "fp02.css" to "mystyle.css" but don't upload yet.

Now look in your rsc folder for the css folder then the "fp02.css" file. Save a copy of it as "mystyle.css". Okay now upload your new version of multiblogs and your new style sheet.

Visit yourdomain/your_path/multiblogs.php and you will see exactly what you have now. Do a CTRL-REFRESH to make sure you're seeing the new style sheet, and be happy when it looks exactly like it did before.


Now open "mystyle.css" and make some changes. Start by finding

.bSmallHead {
	font-size: 80%;
	margin-top: 8px;
	margin-bottom: 8px;
	color: #339999;

and changing it to

.bSmallHead {
	font-size: 120%;
	margin-top: 8px;
	margin-bottom: 8px;
	color: red;

Upload the new one, and ctrl-refresh your page. If all goes well the text above each post in the main body of multiblogs got bigger and red. Hooray - you just customized your multiblogs page!

So that's not so hard, and the changes (font size and color for "bSmallHead") are kinda obvious. The difficulty will come in when you say 'yeah but I want it to look like city_in_evo' because the skins are so very different that it will take many MANY changes to get it there. CSS alone will simply not do! You will have to open your multiblogs.php file and edit stuff in there at the same time. For example in that file if you find

# First blog will be displayed the regular way (why bother?)
$blog = 2;		// 2 is for "demo blog A" or your upgraded blog (depends on your install)

and change it to

# First blog will be displayed the regular way (why bother?)
$blog = 1;		// 1 is the all-blog so this should show everything


# First blog will be displayed the regular way (why bother?)
$blog = 3;		// you pick 3 because that is the blog you want 'up front' in the multiblogs page

Upload it and you should see a difference in which posts are displayed in the main column.

Congratulations! You just modified the actual content AND the way it looks. Sure: these are minor changes, but dig this: it represents changes that you can make to your version of multiblogs.

Even so, the entire job of "make multiblogs look like city_in_evo" is going to be very complicated. VERY complicated, but so what! People smart enough to pick b2evolution are smart enough to make it be what they want it to be.

Here's hoping it's a good first step, and here's hoping you enjoy learning new things as you work through this project you're on!

10 Jul 19, 2007 02:38

Thanks EdB! That's easier to understand. I will try it later and get back with the outcome.

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