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1 Jul 16, 2007 19:12    

b2evolution 1.10.2 clean install (new DB, new files, etc), PHP 4, and MySQL 4. This bug also shows up on the demo page with 1.10.2, PHP4, and MySQL 5 so you can see it.

In the App Settings tab, I have set it to use extra-path info. I know this works because the premade Blog A and Blog B work with index.php/a and index.php/b as normal.

Then I create a new blog. Under preferred access type, I select the radio button for "explicit reference on index.php" so that it should be using the path info type of URL.

Then I type in a URL blog name and make sure it is correct under URL preview, such as "newblog".

Then I save it. It does not appear to save the URL blog name because back on the blog list screen (or in the new blog General tab) it does not show the URL blog name. Also, index.php/newblog does not work.

This also happens if I try and copy an existing blog such as Blog A into a new blog to see if it carries over.

I think this is a bug that it isn't saving the URL blog name. But the pre-built blogs such as Blog A and Blog B still work fine as index.php/a and index.php/b, so I am confident that the server and regular b2e settings are configured correct to use URL blog names. Unless there is another setting on another screen I am missing?

Thank you.

2 Jul 22, 2007 18:47

The bug is that it is not properly updating the entries in the database in b2evo_blogs.blog_stub so I just did it by hand to make mine work. Please fix in a new update.

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