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1 Jul 17, 2007 10:47    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x


My japanese wife created a blog of our daughter's first year. Since upgrading b2evolution to 1.9.3 (and possibly a previous uprade) the japanese content cannot be displayed correctly. The Japanese labels seem to display fine when I set the encoding to Japanese->Auto Select (opera browser). I guess that means the problem is partly related to the database (4.1.22-standard)?


I'd appreciate any help/advice that can be offered as this blog is of sentimental value to us :'(


2 Jul 17, 2007 22:15

Hi Darrell,

Nice pictures.

Unfortunately this happens more often when upgrading from a 0.9.x version to 1.9.x. What happens is the that the charset of the database no longer corresponds with the blog's. Fortunately no data is lost.

Here are some links from the forum to get you started solving the problem:
and in the [url=]Internationalization and Localization[/url] part of this forum.

Good luck

3 Jul 17, 2007 23:22

Hi Afwas,

I can only say a big THANKS! I followed the excellent instructions contained in the first link (posted by smpdawg) and the blog was fixed with no problems.

I feel quite happy now :)


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