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1 Jul 18, 2007 02:50    

My b2evolution Version: 0.9.2

I know. I've been reading some of the posts in this forum and the suggestion is "UPGRADE!". Well, that is not, at least for the time being, a possibility. (And no, the reason is not laziness.)

We're having too many spam comments in some posts. Adding words and URL s to the blacklist is not enough. Everyday new comments with different messages appear.

It sounds like we desperately need a CAPTCHA. What is the best solution for this version we have?

2 Jul 18, 2007 16:34

You say you won't upgrade and you want a captcha for your version but you didn't say what version you're running? Too bad: upgrade. I don't care if it's time or knowledge or the depth of your customization: upgrade or live in the past, and the past eats spam. Sorry friend, but it's hard to work with you when you say you won't do something that is probably the answer you need.

BTW it will ALWAYS be the answer. As any application grows the spammers will catch on and spew their foul crap on it. I'm feel confident in saying that all blog apps (and CMS apps and forum apps and merchant apps and whatever) will be thinking about spammers each time they release an upgrade. Dynamic content means spammers want a free ride. Owning the source files means stopping their crap. Using the application means eating it or upgrading.

Oh and captcha as a plugin has been available for a LONG time. So guess where we are again? (begins with "upgra" ... ;) )

3 Jul 19, 2007 07:09

Sorry, I didn't see that "version" field. I just wrote the version in the title of my post. Thought that was the right place.

Thing is that when stuff is installed in a very public machine, upgrades are something to be taken seriously. New versions may imply new bugs, or new vulnerabilities.

Anyway, so there's currently no way to install a CAPTCHA plugin (or anything else as good as that in blocking spam) in 0.9.2? That's all I want to know, at least for the moment.

5 Jul 19, 2007 07:44

crazy2k wrote:

We're having too many spam comments in some posts.

crazy2k wrote:

upgrades are something to be taken seriously. New versions may imply new bugs, or new vulnerabilities.

Note the status of each release

With 1.10.2 you may also not need captcha.

6 Jul 19, 2007 11:25


Then again had I noticed I'd have said upgrade to 1102 because 092 is spam-city and unsupported.

7 Dec 26, 2007 23:20

Okay. Now we decided upgrading could be an option. So I want to do a little bit of testing before installing a new version.

Would you say installing a "Beta" (2.2.*) version is still too risky for a production server?
What are the spam tools I can take advantage of in these beta versions?
Would you recommend installing the newest "Stable" version instead?

Thank you.

8 Dec 27, 2007 01:25

Depends on how comfortable you are with upgrading any customization you may have done to your skin - if any. Going to 1.10.3 will present challenges for your skin, but you'll find the spam problem pretty well under control. You will also find a lot of available skins & plugins on the "extend" link above, and a fair amount of other customizing info here in the forums. Going to 2.2.0 will be a bit more work, but will make it easier going forward to keep your version current.

1.10.3 is super-stable and probably won't ever turn into 1.10.4, and I'd bet your last dollar it will NEVER become 1.11! 2.2.0 works quite well, though there are a few bugs that the dev team is working on. Near as I can tell the next release, which might also not be "officially stable" will be 2.3.*, implying a fairly deep upgrade.

To be quite fair, as a user of 220 I've noticed things that are easily classified as "minor little bugs" even though I've noticed some things ain't like they used to be.

In the end even though 220 is pretty darned stable it's probably best to go to 1103 unless you're really comfortable being on the leading edge of the learning curve.

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