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1 Jul 30, 2007 06:21    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x

What am I doing wrong here? I'm using 3 different spam deterrents, and I'm still bogged down heavily with spam, not to mention I've blacklisted the word "penile" numerous times, and they STILL get through!

What has to happen to curb the onslaught? Did I not configure something properly?

Blog in question is if you want to see turing & recaptcha on the comment section.

2 Jul 30, 2007 11:27

What kind of spam are you getting? I'm going to guess 'trackback'. Did I win? So far pretty much nothing stops them from spamming you via trackback. I always turn that feature off.

3 Jul 30, 2007 16:10

Here are some examples...

07/31/07 07:53:10 am Computerspiele Computer Spieleyeah thats what I ment, i didnt remember the spelling b...

07/31/07 08:43:59 am Free Flash Games Free Flash GamesThis site rock!

I guess some of them are trackbacks. But damn, it's getting annoying! Any suggestions besides me drinking a nice cold one to calm down?

4 Jul 30, 2007 16:28

Suggestions? Yeah sure.

First, know your enemy. Specifically, exactly what type of spam are you experiencing? I really REALLY doubt it is comment spam because captcha and STT are quite capable of blocking that stuff. The type of thing you showed is not referer spam, so I'm going to guess (again) that it's trackback spam. Guessing is not good enough - you have to know what you're being hit with in order to combat it.

Hey just turn off trackbacks and see if that cuts the problem. It's a back office setting on "blog settings" then one of the subtabs.

Next: you said you had banned certain words, but have you deleted/reported/banned the offending domain name? Click the ban symbol if it is provided in a URL field, or, copy the link and paste THAT into the field on the antispam tab. Words don't matter. Words are NOT why spammers do what they do. LINKS is what matters, so ban the URL they are trying to promote. Delete the garbage from your blog, ban it from ever being promoted on your blog again, and report it so that all users can benefit from the fact that you know it's a spammer.

Finally, pour a tall cold one and laugh at the world cuz it's a pretty funny place when you lubricate your brain cells properly :D

5 Jul 30, 2007 18:36

I wrote a small plugin to stop trackback spam: I haven't received a single spam trackback in , I think, three weeks, Legitimate trackbacks have passed as expected. Maybe you can give it a try a let me know if it works. So far, I'm the only one I know is using it :-)

6 Jul 31, 2007 00:33

EdB wrote:

Finally, pour a tall cold one and laugh at the world cuz it's a pretty funny place when you lubricate your brain cells properly :D

Absolutely! Will do that!

And Austriaco, I'll give that plug in a shot.


7 Aug 02, 2007 02:37

Just an update... that trackback plugin is working like a charm! Cheers, Austriaco!

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