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1 Jul 21, 2007 00:13    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I have just upgraded to Florida version and the spammer problem is now history. My congratulations to who invented such a great solution!

However, my problem now is that the hosting where I have my domain in --and my blog is in my domain-- is complaining that I'm using 35% CPU.

Besides several POP3 e-mail accounts, only thing I have there is my blog under bwevolution Florida version.

Is it possible that Florida use so much CPU?

Version (the one I was using before) never had this problem, as far as I know.

2 Jul 21, 2007 04:07

I have no idea on how much cpu / resources it requires, but I'll ask some questions i'm sure someone that does wants to know.

How much traffic do you get, say a day?
Is it a standard install, any plugins or customizations applied?

3 Jul 21, 2007 04:24

I'm having 1,000 visits a day as a maximum.

No plugins, except a visit counter, the one I found in my hosting cPanel.

I only added a picture of mine on top of cathegories' column, and a logo and a flag at both ends of the very top, where the name of the blog is.

I use Spanish language, based in the package used in b2evo version

As soon as I finish posting everyday I create a static page.

4 Jul 21, 2007 10:47

Do you know php version and mysql version provided by your hosting service ?

5 Jul 21, 2007 14:07

I don't know what php or MySQL version is using my actual hosting since they suspended my account because --they say-- it is using too much of their CPU, so I cannot enter cPanel. They want me to buy a Virtual Private Service (VPS), something I think I don't that need and --more important yet-- I cannot pay for. My blog is my only hobby and I'm not getting any money out ot it.

However, my previous hosting, where I was running b2evo version, used php 4.4.3 and MySQL version 4.0.27-standard-log and I never got any suspension.

I fogot to mention that Ive always used b2evo Classic skin.

6 Jul 21, 2007 14:20

In my actual hosting home page I found that they use "MySQL 4.1+" and "PHP4&5" available,

7 Jul 21, 2007 14:40

CMPadron, you can make a .php file that contains just the following

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and it will give you all the information about your server.

I will move this to the bugs section, hopefully the right people will see it there.

8 Jul 22, 2007 03:21

It won't help him when his account is suspended. It's also going to be hard to troubleshoot the issue with the account suspended, but that's another story.

CMPadron are you shopping around for a host that doesn't suck?

9 Jul 23, 2007 13:47

EdB, my actual hosting (one I found under "hosting" in this forum) said I was using 35% of their CPU and suspendes my entire domain where I only have my e-mail service and my blog. After 3 days they accepted to allow me using my e-mail service.

I have checked with another hostings and they all said that if my actual complains about my blog creating overload that should be true. They suggested I ask my hosting to send me a week's worth of stats for my CPU usage, but they havenĀ“t answer to my request.

They also suggest my scripts hav exploit, but I'm not a tech guy and I don't know how to figure out if I have exploits and how to delete them.

What surprise me is that I never had thisi problem when using the b2evo old version in my previous hosting company. When I change hosting and upgrade to Florida I finally stop the spammers comments but suddenly my new hosting starting complaining about my blog (maximun 1,000 visits per day) eating their CPU and they have suspended my domain twice so far. I really came to a dead end. I have just recovered my e-mail service but my blog is still suspended. I see no guarantee that moving to another hosting --and don't know which one either-- would be a solution, unlees I buy a VPS service, something I cannot afford to pay for.

10 Jul 24, 2007 14:27

My blog contnues suspended. The host company I have my blog with says that:

I just unsuspended the website to check for the issue, but like I can see every time I load a page, the CPU on the server spikes up, please see:

26615 padronel 16 0 80244 29m 12m R 26 1.5 0:01.88 php4-cgi

Not sure what is the issue but this will have to be checked closer.

Does anybody have any idea of what the problem could be?

12 Aug 06, 2007 00:24

Thanks, fplanque.

My hosting company is VistaPages- I found that company’s ad under ‘Hosting’ in this forum page.

There’s something more about my case with VistaPages (let’s call it VP).

As I already said, on Sunday 29th, when they suspended my account for the third time in a month (I bought my domain ‘’ about 4 years ago and never got any problem from any previous host), they not only refused to tell me reason for that suspension but gave me two options: Buy a VPS service or looking for another host.

Since —and I told them— I don’t have the money nor the need to buy a VPS, I found another host and, therefore, I needed to change DNS. So I asked VP to please send me the domain transfer authorization key (or EPP Key). Their answer was that this key had been sent to the official address in my domain. But that domain was, and still is, suspended by them and, therefore, they knew very well that I had no way to receive such a key. It was kind of “Catch 22”.

I asked them to send it to the same address they are e-mailing me from. Their answer was: “We can't send it to that address; it has to be sent to the one on the administrative contact e-mail address”.

Reading the profile I created for their billing department when I bought their service end of last June, I found there a secondary address not related to the suspended domain. I understand that this secondary address fits into the category of ‘one on the administrative contact e-mail address’; it is as valid as the primary one; it is there just in case the primary one is not working,..., and the primary is not working at all. So I asked VP to send the EPP Key to that secondary address. Their answer was “If you can provide us with a different administration whois details we can update your domain and resend the details”.

I have no idea what they are talking about; I’m not a tech guy. Since last Sunday July 29th I was completely blocked by VP: I cannot enter cPanel; my e-mail accounts, and my relatives’ ones, in my domain --which is a family domain-- were blocked; and my blog’s readers got only the notice “This account has been suspended” whenever they want to visit my blog.

My new host –-where I already got my blog moved to-- and others I have contacted said to me that VP must provide me with that EPP Key, but no way. I feel that my domain has been kidnapped and that VP is telling me: “You buy a VPS from us or you won’t have your domain back”. And this has a name in every language.

13 Aug 06, 2007 02:55

Oh, that sounds bad. I'm going to ask them for clarification.

You were not using any plugins, just a plain 1.10.2 Florida, right?

All 1.x versions use a little more CPU than 0.9.x versions, but not enough to require a VPS.

Can you send me your domain name? You can contact me privately here:

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