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1 Jul 22, 2007 04:43    

[u]b2evolution 1.10.2[/u]

All these little bugs don't disturb the running of the b2evo but for not 'English users' I think it is very annoying, at least for me. I fully finished the translation to Spanish (es_ES) - in formal mode as requested by the dev. team - but the bellow explained bugs don't let me say the work is finished until corrected.

Due I'am new to b2evo I can't correct all bugs myself, but I have tried and I solved it some, the rest I leave it for most expert gurus.

[u]Frist one (w/solution)[/u]

Little bug in 'blogs/inc/VIEW/files/' file, at line 940 need to add the 'T_(....)' function in front of the last string or you can translate them, bellow the original line of code:

$Form->checkbox( 'option_forceFM', $UserSettings->get('fm_forceFM'), T_('Always show the Filemanager'), 'Display the Filemanager also in modes like upload.' );

And here the corrected one:

$Form->checkbox( 'option_forceFM', $UserSettings->get('fm_forceFM'), T_('Always show the Filemanager'), T_('Display the Filemanager also in modes like upload.') );

In addition, it is necessary to add the string to .PO file, I add bellow the next msgid:

#: ..\..\..\inc\VIEW\files\
msgid "Always show the Filemanager"
msgstr "Mostrar siempre el explorador de archivos"

This one:

#: ..\..\..\inc\VIEW\files\
msgid "Display the Filemanager also in modes like upload."
msgstr "Mostrar el explorador de archivos también en modos como el de subir archivos."

[u]MT related (not solutioned)[/u]

The 'MT Migration utility' under the 'Tools' tab is fully untranslatable due to the absence of the 'T_(....)' functions in the 'blogs/inc/CONTROL/imports/import-mt.php' file, I can correct this by easy but I don't make any use of this utility and I leave the file untouched.

[u]Editor related[/u]

Choosing the 'Write' tag and switching to 'Expert' mode you can see that buttons “b” and “str” have the same 'tooltip' help text 'STRong...', one finishing with '[Alt+B]' and the other with '[Alt+S]'.

In addition, the 'BLOCKQUOTA [Alt+B]' button use the same 'AccelKey' as the 'b' (bold) button.

And finally, why the 'pre' button is greater than the others?

[u]Spanish .PO file[/u]

It would wish to upload file .PO but I am new to the forum and it seems that until I send 10 messages, I do not have permissions to upload archives.

Hope this help someone.

2 Jul 22, 2007 09:23

I'm sure it will help! So ... uh ... you can get those posts out of the way by checking out the forum where people show off their blog, and compliment a bunch of people's blogs until you're allowed to upload the translation. Just sayin'... ;)

4 Jul 23, 2007 00:27

Thanks for the suggestion Ed, I am carrying out it :)

Also thanks to you Daniel, was first that I did but apparently François is occupied enough working for all the community and I don't wish to bother him more than the essential, I suppose that when François has a little time it answers the message saying to my where it wants that I upload the translated file.

5 Jul 23, 2007 01:54

Hi Ed, as you can see [url=]in this post[/url] finally I can upload the .PO file when I reached the 10 posts. Thanks again for the suggestion.

P.D.: Sorry, but I post the msg in the Spanish section and of course in Spanish.

Daniel, can you say something about the translation to François if you chat with him?


6 Jul 23, 2007 11:03

As I post on [url=]i10n/i18n on flash stats[/url] there are some untranslatable strings because they lack the apropiate declaration of some “T_ ()” functions in PHP files corresponding to the statistics done in flash.

After verifying that it is not so difficult to correct these small problems, I decide to correct them myself, but I asked to me if this it is the correct forum to upload the corrected files or to explain the carried out changes so that they can be included in the next version of the 1.10.x of b2evo.


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