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1 Jul 21, 2007 22:10    

My b2evolution Version:

Hi to all! :)
How do I can enable user registration with this parametr: when somebody registers on my site he get personal blog with such address:

3 Aug 06, 2007 14:32

hi. i installed autoblog plugin but its not working. i tried registering and posting a test post but it didnt work. i got a 404 page. pls help.

4 Aug 06, 2007 14:37

oh guys! maybe you can try it for yourself @

i just thought maybe you'll know better if you see for yourself. just tell me if you want me to delete the blog you've just created. thanks so much.

5 Aug 07, 2007 00:42

You are more likely to receive an answer to a queston that is specific to a plugin if you post it in the Plugin & Extensions section of the forum. In this case there is a [url=]thread specific to the Autoblog plugin[/url]. Perhaps your answer is already there, perhaps a question in this thread activates the users with experience about the specific plugin.

Good luck

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