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1 Jul 23, 2007 01:22    

After finishing the translation of b2evo 1.10.2 to 'es_ES' and while I gave a review to him, I have seen that the texts that appear in the flash statistics are not translatable because are not included in file .PO.

Somebody has thought about including them? Exist some method to include them? If yes, some explanation are welcomed.


2 Jul 23, 2007 10:48

Due nobody reply this post and I can't wait, I decide to correct by myself these small errors of lack of translation of the statistics done in flash, as soon as I finalize the hack I add the instructions to the thread forum of bugs corresponding to the version 1.10.2 “Florida” in the post [url=]Related to undeclared T_() function an .PO file[/url]

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