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1 Jul 24, 2007 03:51    

After talking with personman and blueyed, I have been swayed to move over the prototype from using scriptaculous for a fair few months.

I've made a post to help sway other scriptaculous users over to jQuery.

After developing all my new wave of plugins using the Scriptaculous library, all the b2evo team members said I should definitly use jQuery. So of course I ask why, and in all their replies were “Better Syntax, Great Selectors, Chain Concept, Small".

For those of you who do not know what jQuery, Prototype or Scriptaculous are, but are still Javascript developers, then you need to jump aboard the web 2.0 bandwagon, and hopefully this post will be the one to throw you on :)

jQuery and Prototype are both Javascript Libraries, they offer an amazing OO (Object Orientated) way to interact with the DOM of a XHTML/DHTML page. The DOM is the Document Object Model, and which is basicily the OO structure of your (d/x)html page. So every tag you make, is a Object (or Element/Node) within the DOM. The DOM is useful for Javascript Developers as it lets us do amazing stuff compared to the classical way of innerHTML searching and replacing.


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2 Sep 09, 2007 10:41

That's the first time I heard of Prototype, nice website for them tho. Will check it out later.

But related on topic, I am using either or both DojoTools and jQuery.

Recently found YUI (Yahoo! UI), and lol, how much I hate it because I'm developing my own, can't believe Yahoo! already thought of it. I mean, the "complete" package, especially Modular-CSS. (But I don't agree with most of their implementations...)

Try DojoTools, it's the longest running JS Lib if I'm not mistaken.

3 Sep 10, 2007 03:48

Thanks for the comparative review Ben.

4 Sep 18, 2007 00:21

Thanks for the comments. Francois, will b2evo v2.0 use the newly released jQuery 1.2?

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