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1 Jul 27, 2007 10:26    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x


I use 1.10.2 and I want to customize the Blog All.
First, I though that I had to modify Summary.php, but the modification have no effect.

How to modify the Blog All ?

Thanks in advance.

2 Jul 27, 2007 12:22

Usually it is not advised to use Blog All for the public. This is mainly because there is not much tweaking possible. One of the disadvantages is that the posts in the Linkblog that are to be shown in the sidebar, also end up in the main area of the all the blogs.
The All Blog is used for the maintainer of a Multi-user blog to keep watch over everyting posted in All Blogs.

There is good news. In the upcoming version 2.0 of B2Evo you can set every blog as an aggregate blog (all blog) and you can specify from every All Blog exactly which posts you do want to be shown and which posts you don't want.

If you can't wait, there is a preview version at Check for the first link after "Get it". This is a beta version, not meant for a serious blog, but perfectly suited for playing around with.

Good luck

3 Jul 27, 2007 13:50

thanks for your help.
I'm creating a new multiblog web site and I wanted to use the BlogAll to give the ability to visitors to have a preview of each blog registered on the site.

so, I will create a php file that do it in the main page of the site.


4 Jul 27, 2007 14:02

You can use the All Blos as is, as a welcome blog or as a major link in all the blogs, but as I stated, there is not mutch tweaking possible before version 2.0 arrives.

Happy blogging

5 Jul 27, 2007 18:01

I use blog #1 as my main blog and don't worry about the linkblog thing, but so what. Customizing it can take on many meanings, so what type of customization are you looking for? You can give it it's own skin and tweak some features that way, and there are a few tricks for controlling what it displays.

BTW in 2.0 if I understand correctly you'll be able to pick any blog and make it be an aggregator for whatever other blogs you select. So someone like me could make blog #1 be an aggregator for everything except the linkblog. Cool!

6 Jul 27, 2007 23:20

Thanks you 2 for your help
I've created my own page based on the summary.php.

I'm very exited by b2evo v2.
I am in a hurry which this version version is released.


7 Sep 01, 2007 08:38

hi totof,

pls tell me how did you do it. i used blogall before as the main page but since its showing the linkblogs, i took it out and use one blog instead.

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