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1 Aug 01, 2007 20:34    

*please hold* ... scott will fluff this shortly .... not long after that he'll make a fluffy post for [url=]AstonishMe[/url] and we can update the help links in the plugin ... which might take a tad, he's old and grey and moves at a slower pace than most of life :|

*to the point*
We've had this plugin lying around for a tad that appears to do what a few others want, so if you want to be able to customise your titles/keywords/description/css/javascript on a per post basis, then you probably want to [url=]wander over here and grab this plugin[/url] ;)

It'll be interesting to see how long it takes [url=]the fluffy git[/url] to rewrite this post ;)


2 Aug 01, 2007 20:58

Boy, you sure can tell that your link love and kindly praises are in direct proportion to the amount of beer you've consumed. :-/

Seeing as how I'm in the middle of an oil change (just came in to scour the internet for the correct filter, as the wankers at the auto parts place, gave me the wrong one), your [url=]Front Page Post Plugin[/url] is hampering ability to fluff for cash, Rachel and the Oop are due back on the ferry any moment (was delayed, summat about a bomb threat) ... and gawd know how many other 1/2-completed projects there are lying about the place (let alone our own blog) .... fat chance it'll happen soon.

Tho, I like the "please hold" bit, you cantankerous git ... as people on these forums have been BANNED for slightly more. 8|

Good thing you're eating now. (You really need a breathalizer to operate yer keyboard). :p

3 Aug 01, 2007 22:07

and they say the yanks have no sense of sarcasm :D

.... now do the bloody writeup before I'm forced to fluff :|


4 Jul 15, 2008 06:23

Hi ¥åßßå,

Version 1.9.1 displays the second <title> in b2evo-2.4.2 and they both from "auto_pilot". Another problem is in backoffice, plugin's fieldset is broken.

Does it actually support 2.4.x version?

5 Jul 15, 2008 15:46

Never mind, I fixed the fieldset and titles

6 Jul 15, 2008 17:38

Ohh yeah, I must get round to fixing the styles in admin ... but it works well enough for me and I thought I was the only one who used it ;)


7 Jul 15, 2008 17:42

It's not for me, sorry ;)

Here is the backoffice part

function AdminDisplayItemFormFieldset( $params )
	if( 'edit_layout' == 'simple' )
		return null;
	$Form = $params[ 'Form' ];
	$Form->begin_fieldset( 'AM Custom', array( 'class' => 'fieldset' ) );
	<div id="itemform_am_custom_title">
		<label for="am_custom_title"><strong><?php echo $this->T_('Title') ?>:</strong><br />
		<input type="text" name="am_custom_title" class="large form_text_input" id="am_custom_title" value="<?php echo format_to_output( $this->title, 'formvalue' ); ?>" maxlength="500" />
	<div id="itemform_am_custom_keywords">
		<label for="am_custom_keywords"><strong><?php echo $this->T_('Keywords') ?>:</strong><br />
		<input type="text" name="am_custom_keywords" class="large form_text_input" id="am_custom_keywords" value="<?php echo format_to_output( $this->keywords, 'formvalue' ); ?>" maxlength="500" />
	<div id="itemform_am_custom_description">
		<label for="am_custom_description"><strong><?php echo $this->T_('Description') ?>:</strong><br />
		<textarea name="am_custom_description" rows="4" cols="25" class="large" id="am_custom_description"><?php echo format_to_output( $this->description, 'formvalue' ); ?></textarea>
	<div id="itemform_am_custom_css">
		<label for="am_custom_css"><strong><?php echo $this->T_('CSS') ?>:</strong><br />
		<textarea name="am_custom_css" rows="2" cols="25" class="large" id="am_custom_css"><?php echo format_to_output( $this->css, 'formvalue' ); ?></textarea>
	<div id="itemform_am_custom_meta">
		<label for="am_custom_meta"><strong><?php echo $this->T_('Other custom items in &lt;head&gt;') ?>:</strong><br />
		<textarea name="am_custom_meta" rows="2" cols="25" class="large" id="am_custom_meta"><?php echo format_to_output( $this->meta, 'formvalue' ); ?></textarea>

	if( $this->Settings->get( 'allow_script' ) )
		echo '<div id="itemform_am_custom_script">
				<label for="am_custom_script"><strong>'.$this->T_('Javascript').':</strong><br />
				<textarea name="am_custom_script" rows="2" cols="25" class="large" id="am_custom_script">'.format_to_output( $this->script, 'formvalue' ).'</textarea>

8 Jul 15, 2008 17:44

BTW I think the javascript checkbox was checked and disabled by default :)

9 Jul 15, 2008 18:01

Cool, I'll have a play with that when I get a chance ;)

I could have sworn that js was disabled completely by default ... guess I need to look at that as well :p


10 Jul 15, 2008 18:05

'defaultvalue' => 1,	// WARNING : Enable this at your own risk
'type' => 'checkbox',
'disabled' => true,

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