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1 Aug 02, 2007 11:11    

Why isn't English localized like all languages?

This blog has a nice feature to automatically truncate blog postings so you can shorten how they appear in the list, but then it obnoxiously writes "Read More!" with an exclamation point like it's yelling at you, or was written by an exuberant 15 year-old who just took ecstasy for the first time.

So, naturally I'd like to change that to something a little less dumb, but then I search the source code and it appears this text is not in a localization file, and is strewn all around throughout the source code, and beyond that, the other languages, rather than being based on unique variable names are based on the (badly written) English text strings, which means if I do a multiple-file search and replace I'll break the localization of other languages?

It's pretty obvious that this system wasn't designed with localization in mind.

Has anyone created an English localization file so we can change the localization strings of English without disturbing the source code, or do I need to create one?



2 Aug 02, 2007 11:22

For your own blog you can just hack the code, but that is not future proof, you'd have to go through it again next update.

Find in the docs the entry about internationalization. There is a dummy language file available (.pot or .po or something) that you can edit to your wishes.

Luckily for you B2evo is open source and so you can change it anyway you want.

Good luck

3 Aug 02, 2007 11:28

Yeah, I think I'm seeing how it can be done without too much pain, upon further study, even if I think the design is a bit flawed. My goal is not to touch any source code anywhere, so that we could upgrade in the future without incident should we need to.

4 Aug 06, 2007 17:31

English is the default language, so English is embedded in various places for translation to respond to. You've probably already noticed that eh?

I believe the thing you want to do is feed the "content()" function the correct parameters to change that text. LOTS of stuff can be changed by feeding the function parameters, and I'm quite sure that "read more" can be changed that way. As can the text that shows up on the permalink page, and all sorts of other details about the "read more" feature.

My sig file will point you to the technical documents for either 1.9.* or 1.10.* generations, so follow the correct one to find what the parameters are to address what you want to do. Also you might want to search for "read more" and put my forum name in the author field because I'm certain I've answered this with all the needed info in the past. I'm too lazy to do it right now is the thing.

Sorry for not having a full working answer for you, but here's hoping this helps you find the answer you need!

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