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1 Aug 02, 2007 21:01    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

i would like to only allow bloggers access to posts on their blogs. currently, any user can access the "linkblog" and make changes even if the linkblog is not visible on their site.

basically, i don't want one blogger making additions/changes to it as it will affect all the other bloggers.

any suggestions or advice?

2 Aug 02, 2007 21:11

Multiuser is not my thing, but can't you just make a linkblog for every user and allow them to do with it whatever they want (and allowing them only on their linkblog). It doesn't sound difficult to append (or prepend) their list with a general list from the organisation.

Just some thoughts.

Good luck

3 Aug 02, 2007 23:00


not one of my smarter moments. all of these permissions were a bit overwhelming. i didn't even think about keeping it simple.


4 Aug 03, 2007 00:03

But you often do have interesting posts. This multiblogging multiuser fuzz creates food for thought and headache like symptoms.

Have fun

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