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1 Aug 04, 2007 07:36    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x


in my blog all made comments I have to moderate before they would appear on the particular page. So far so good... but is it possible to make exceptions of that? Exceptions for single postings? Currently it´s possible to decide by creating a post, if comments shall be open, closed or turned off... but I would like to have another option to have single postings where the comments are open and not moderated to allow the visitors (after using captcha) to comment faster...

Why I want this? I want to have a better possibility to perticipate at a blog parade, where fast comments (without moderation) are necessary... but I don´t want to allow comments without moderation for all my postings...

Is this possible?

Much thanks in advance,...

2 Aug 04, 2007 18:51

I have a work around:
Create a new blog with new category and make it crosspost to the main blog.
This new blog could be open to comments and set status to published.

It isn't implemented in hte upcoming 2.0 version, I checked. Maybe there's a plugin out there that does what you want.

Good luck

3 Aug 04, 2007 21:22

Thanks Afwas... again! :D

I was afraid, that this might be the only... or easiest way to do it... but nevertheless I wanted to give it a try and ask first...

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