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1 Aug 05, 2007 13:58    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x

Hi all, been a while since I've posted. On my site I have a Flash menu with a non Flash alternative that is automatically shown if the user doesn't have Flash. I've been using a slightly modified version of Adobes javascript file to get around the "Click to Activate" issue. For the past few months on client sites I've been using [url=]UFO[/url] as it boasts several better features.

This morning I decided to implement it on my own site. My site is 50% blog 50% wiki. The wiki worked straight away but the b2e blog kept dying each time I loaded a page in IE6. It worked fine in IE7, FF2, and Opera9. The progress bar would show that the page was loading but then before anything is displayed I'd get a popup stating that there was an error loading the page with the final line of "Operation Aborted".

I spent about an hour trying to find fault in my code and googling for others with my problem. In the end I thought I'd return to the source and had a read of the entire UFO site. This little gem explained what was causing the error and how to fix it. Tried and tested it and found it to be an insta-fix:

Q How do I prevent Internet Explorer from crashing when a <base> tag is defined?
A Including a closing </base> tag will prevent this bug in IE being triggered. For HTML 4 compliant pages (a closing BASE tag is forbidden under HTML 4), you could use IE conditional comments to keep your HTML valid and still include a closing BASE tag for HTML 4 documents: <base href=""><!--[if IE]></base><![endif]-->

2 Aug 05, 2007 14:12

God bless microsoft for the happiness they bring, everyday we find a new way to look at IE and laugh :D


3 Aug 05, 2007 14:16

Nice catch, Sherlock.

But where in the B2evo code did you find <base> or was that code that you added for your Flash?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

4 Aug 05, 2007 14:20

Afwas wrote:

But where in the B2evo code did you find <base>

/skins/<any skin>/_main.php ;)


5 Aug 05, 2007 15:09

hi, yes I should of pointed that out, sorry. I just assumed that anyone having this problem would know where to look but as we all know, assuming makes an ass out of u :¬)

¥åßßå was right on the money btw.

6 Aug 05, 2007 15:11

LOL I searched for the wrong string <base> with the trailing >. I might just as well have sought for </base> right away :lol:

7 Aug 05, 2007 15:25

The <base> tag ( without the > if you're searching :roll: ) is to make sure the skins work and is the reason why you can't ( unless you have a plugin :D ) use relative links in your posts ;)


10 Aug 05, 2007 18:04

I just posted this for others who might search for "base" or "Operation Aborted", more likely the later one. Since I haven't really looked into the newer versions I don't know if the issue I had still exists, I'm guessing it does from what you've both said but obviously not many people must be having the same problem. As long as it might help at least one person somewhere down the line I guess it's not a wasted post ay :¬)

Thanks again all for keeping b2e flowing, it's definately my favorite blog system and I always recommend it for appropriate projects.

11 Aug 05, 2007 18:16

This is definately not a wasted post, so thanks for sharing it with us.
In normal flow B2evo doesn't use the <base> tag but has it's own global variables to determine where it is. But obviously they aren't available for other programs (well they are, but the third party program wouldn't know).

This makes for an error that will rarely pop up and if you didn't post, I doubt if we would have found an answer. So thanks.

Happy blogging.

12 Aug 05, 2007 20:27

Tann San wrote:

As long as it might help at least one person somewhere down the line I guess it's not a wasted post ay :¬)



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