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1 Aug 06, 2007 15:35    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x

I had just installed autoblog plugin but keep on getting 404 error page when i tried accessing the blog after registration. I've tried installing it 3 times with different settings on the admin area but still didnt work. pls help

3 Aug 07, 2007 01:42

hi afwas. i didnt find my answer there. i tried everything there but it ddint work.

4 Aug 10, 2007 06:50

After a few tries (install/uninstall w/ diferrent settings each time), I've finally made it work.

Now, my problems are:

1) how to make the box right after "New Blog:" and before "do you want your own personal blog?" unchecked by default?

2) how to insert terms of use and condtions before anyone can register?
I mean, someone could register if and only if he/she accepts the terms.

5 Aug 15, 2007 12:48

anybody who knows? pls help.

6 Aug 15, 2007 18:28

Afwas wrote:


Please do read my hint in [url=]another question by you[/url] about the autoblog plugin.

Good luck

From that thread you get :

Afwas wrote:

You are more likely to receive an answer to a queston that is specific to a plugin if you post it in the Plugin & Extensions section of the forum. In this case there is a [url=]thread specific to the Autoblog plugin[/url]. Perhaps your answer is already there, perhaps a question in this thread activates the users with experience about the specific plugin.

Good luck



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