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1 Aug 23, 2007 16:20    

I've posted on the Autoblog thread but don't seem to get any answers. If anyone can help or has this working, please reply.

I'm running b2evo 1.10 and the 1.9.x version of the plugin? whatever is the most recent. I applied the hacks to my inc folder and finally found the tick mark to create the blogs by admin after a user registers. However, it never does create the blog! Furthermore, when the user logs in after that, it always says he still needs to be "promoted", even though he is in the autoblogger group and appears to have proper permissions.

When I choose to create the blogs automatically at registration, this does work, but then when the user logs in and tries to make a first post, after hitting the "save" button he will get a blank page with this error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method Plugins::filter_contents() in /home/.olwen/myadvent/ on line 472

So at this point there is NOTHING about this plugin working for me. Is there ANYONE out there who can try to help me, please?


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