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1 Aug 24, 2007 20:30    

Hey guy !!

I'm undecided, so I've been searching for over an hour to see if someone had the same request, and I found a couple of guys who did...........but no one answered, so I though I'd ask. ;)

I have a post, which always stays on top of the blog, like a sticky if you like, and is quite prominent.

In that post, there are some links, one after the other, descending.

What I'd like to do, is give visitors the opportunity to rate each link, on it's own merit..........within the same post, ze sticky :-/

I though of using Star Rating, because it's user friendly, and frankly quite nifty, but it seem to only be post specific, and rather unmovable.
I also thought of using polls, but only one link can be voted for (not quite fair on the other links :( ). Besides, it's too big for the post, so I'd rather use StarRating.

Now I know it would require some brain drainage, and a bit of rattling the old top of the skull, but I really ask if someone could give me some idea on how to have multiple rating inside a single

link A: *****
link B: *****
link C: *****
link D: *****
link E: *****

Up for the challenge? :p (if there's one)

I've thought of even creating a few fake posts, and then moving some codes into the main and the post, or something like that, that would link the plugin with those stars, but running out of ideas, I am in need of you !!!

Can you suggest anything please? That would be great !!
(don't worry balupton, I won't keep you all night this time, even if we got it good. I see you're still working hard on the Avatars :lol: )

Thank you.

version: 1.9.3 skin: Plain.

2 Aug 25, 2007 13:33

I don't see a solution with a B2evo plugin, but [url=]Googling for star rating ajax[/url] gives workable solutions. They all require rainy days, for non is an out of the box solution.

Still you have a problem to identify the links. You will probably have to set up an individual star rater for each and every link you want to be voted for.

Good luck

4 Aug 31, 2007 21:21

So you want it to show the same rating for every appearence of a certain link on a site? Nice idea. Let us know how it works out!

5 Aug 31, 2007 23:01

yea, afwas was right, it's rainy days time:
the database needs altering, and that's one thing I've never done, I'm more like a cut and paste man. :(

The idea, Troy, was to give only one appearance to the links, but all of them on the same post.

Thanks anyway, I'll still keep an eye here, in case. ;)

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