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sub domain blog can open in firefox, not IE

Started by on Aug 26, 2007 – Contents updated: May 28, 2017

Aug 26, 2007 20:47    

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sub domain blog can open in firefox, not IE

I have a blog installed with a sub domain. I can view and admin in firefox, but when I open in IE I get "Internet Explorer could not open site: Operation aborted" error

any ideas?

Aug 26, 2007 21:07

Is this specific to your computer or does it occur also on your neighbors? Can you provide us a link to your site?

Aug 26, 2007 21:38

I only have IE 7 here and have no problems viewing yours site. It looks OK to me and I see no reason why IE should have a problem with it.
You could try to switch to another skin and see if a problem lies there.

Good luck

Aug 26, 2007 21:41

It bombs in IE6... it's one of your javascripts... Remove all your scripts from the page and then add them back one by one until the problem happens again...


Aug 26, 2007 21:46

TY for the advice...

Aug 26, 2007 21:55

The gallery plugin with the stockholm skin do not work together... all other skins work with this plugin

Sep 30, 2007 22:59

I,ve the same problem

IE6 - operation aborted
IE7 - works fine
Firefox - works fine
Opera - works fine

Does anyone know a solution?

i'm using 1.10.2 with the gallery-plugin and the uneven_warm skin.
When i'm using 133t_grey IE6 works fine.

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