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1 Aug 26, 2007 20:47    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

sub domain blog can open in firefox, not IE

I have a blog installed with a sub domain. I can view and admin in firefox, but when I open in IE I get "Internet Explorer could not open site: Operation aborted" error

any ideas?

2 Aug 26, 2007 21:07

Is this specific to your computer or does it occur also on your neighbors? Can you provide us a link to your site?

4 Aug 26, 2007 21:38

I only have IE 7 here and have no problems viewing yours site. It looks OK to me and I see no reason why IE should have a problem with it.
You could try to switch to another skin and see if a problem lies there.

Good luck

5 Aug 26, 2007 21:41

It bombs in IE6... it's one of your javascripts... Remove all your scripts from the page and then add them back one by one until the problem happens again...


6 Aug 26, 2007 21:46

TY for the advice...

7 Aug 26, 2007 21:55

The gallery plugin with the stockholm skin do not work together... all other skins work with this plugin

8 Sep 30, 2007 22:59

I,ve the same problem

IE6 - operation aborted
IE7 - works fine
Firefox - works fine
Opera - works fine

Does anyone know a solution?

i'm using 1.10.2 with the gallery-plugin and the uneven_warm skin.
When i'm using 133t_grey IE6 works fine.

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