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1 Sep 14, 2007 21:41    

We seriously need "Global Widgets" :p since we're a multi-blog platform ;)

There are different ways I can see it implemented:
1) Global Widgets setting
2) Skin-Widgets setting

#1 is self-explanatory, so I'll explain #2..

The concept of #2 "Skin-Widgets" setting is the ability for the ThemeDevs and admins to set widgets "on the skin itself", so everytime that specific skin is loaded (or distributed and installed), the widgets are already there and in the right position (especially as intended by the Theme Developer).

#2 "Skin-Widgets" will be even more useful if there's an "export" feature for Skins. ThemeDevs will setup the skin widgets on their localhost, once they're happy with it, then can "export the skin" and package it for distribution :)

So, if all blogs are using the same skin, or someone installs a new skin that will be use by all his blogs, s/he doesn't have to setup the widgets to each and every blog individually.

Second Suggestion

The ability to Move Widgets to another container in the ACP, to avoid uninstallation > installation process.

Two suggestions I believe worth it for 2.0.0 final ;) Especially since, v2 seems to be geared towards user-friendliness ^_^

JC Cuneta

2 Sep 14, 2007 22:08

I back this sugestion. I'm just building a site with for blogs and had to install the same widgets four times, one for each blog. Maybe We're missing something here?

3 Sep 15, 2007 06:38

I'm installing lots of widgets on 12 blogs right now, I barely started :p

Even more confusing is the "Free HTML" tag hehe.

I guess the "Alpha" stage served its purpose greatly - "suggestions for what's missing in v2" :p

The skin I have right now, if I will distribute it will contain a long list of "ReadMe" instructions mainly on the widgets part, because I have a different set of Widget-Containers.

4 Sep 28, 2007 00:58

I just wish that the Widget system was less rigid.
Each Widget, eg: Search or RSS, should be able to located wherever an individual wants but it is so Sidebar locked it's a nightmare

As it is, you can jump through hoops in an attempt to do this but it's very intensive and not user friendly.

5 Nov 11, 2007 23:01

Did I miss something or is this a legimate request:
If I do need to place every widget on every blog, I wish to be abe to change the setting for every widget on every blog seperately.

Good luck

6 Nov 12, 2007 12:57

Change the setting for every blog is something different then what Laibcombs was asking I guess.

I only yesterday started with the conversion of my big production blog.
I have 30 blogs in it, so I needed every widget to install 30 times.
I could not find a place to do it 'default' and after that, change the little details per blog.

Since I'm using a lot of widgets, and my skin has 2 different containers, it takes a lot of time for this tedeous job.
I'm still thinking that I miss something obvious.

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