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1 Sep 17, 2007 15:20    

Just a suggestion for "Absolute URL" and "Relative to baseurl", or rather, the whole b2evo URL system.

Could we make it so that even without a forward-slash, it will load the page that is being asked?

Concerned with losing visitors or potential customers who happen to type without forward-slashes. I'm more specifically talking about the "virtual stubname" like so:

The URL above is invalid coz I currently set my Absolute URL to end in a forward-slash.

But if my Absolute URL is set without a forward-slash, that URL above will load the said blog.

Now some will say, "then don't put a forward-slash". True, but problem arises if we will care about SEO and SERPs. There are Search Engines that will hate you if you have different URL variations that basically points to the same content, especially when the difference is just a forward-slash.

Additionally, SERP can be affected (depending on the search engine) because you'll have two instances of the same URL, one with a forward-slash, the other without it.

This is just a suggestion, more on for b2evo-v2.0-FINAL, for consumer consumption.

The same goes with categories, sub-categories, etc. That's why I said earlier "the whole b2evo URL system".


Regards to all.

2 Jan 02, 2008 16:01

Can't this be handled with mod rewrite?

3 Jan 03, 2008 07:45

Yes it can be handled but I want to avoid another .htaccess rules which greatly adds up to server load.

Only possible way to not affect the load is if I put the new rules on the system itself so when the system boots up, all rules are in the memory, problem is, I don't have access to that, I'm only in a shared hosting ^_^

But, I haven't tested this with 2.3.0-rc1, so not sure if it works fine now.

4 Jan 04, 2008 06:53

Are you sure that SERPs depend on the trailing slash? That's really dumb if true. Leading www I can understand, but trailing slash is a silly thing to pay attention to.

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