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1 Sep 20, 2007 04:39    

A non-militant freethought blog updated weekly. Just trying to draw some hits to it to see if I need to update it more often and to see if there is any interest.

2 Sep 20, 2007 05:00

The best way to get people to visit and revisit your blog is to provide excellent content on a regular basis....

3 Sep 20, 2007 05:07

Couldn't "excellent content" be subjective though? :roll: I know it is a very contentious topic, but I am just learning about blogging and getting people to visit. I'm trying the technorati linking and I want to keep from jumping into some link exchange spam farms so I don't get hit with people from Germany trying to sell me sexual aid pills or want me to help them hold their money for their husband who is a prince being held in a jail somewhere.

Thanks for the prompt reply! :D

4 Sep 20, 2007 05:15

"excellent content" is VERY subjective. Unless you're doing a niche thing, what one person wants to read is not necessarily what someone else wants to read.

5 Sep 20, 2007 07:46

I'm sure that good (substituted for excellent) and regular articles on being an atheist in today's USA will see you get reactions and contributions as long as you don't mind half of them telling you your doomed and need salvation.

An post on what you think a "rational community" is would no doubt spark some traffic.
Bookmarked, just see where you go with it.

6 Sep 20, 2007 10:06

other: search engine in my case

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